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Photography 101

What will I learn about?

Photography 101 is meant for the beginning photographer.  You may have some experience using your DSLR on auto, but you are not comfortable using manual or semi-manual modes.  Some of your photos may be blurry (especially if you have a young child!) and under- or overexposed.  The only prerequisites are that you own a DSLR and you have at least skimmed the manual–you will need to bring this to class so if you have lost it, download it from your camera manufacturer’s website.

Photography 101 covers the following topics:

  • A tour of your DSLR: What can it do and how do you change the settings?
  • Photography gear: cameras, lenses, and other fun stuff
  • Exposure: ISO, shutter speed, aperture settings
  • Composition & perspective
  • Workflow: software and organizing your photos
  • Printing: get those photos on the wall and in albums!

All Pittsburgh Photo Class 101 participants will receive a bound workbook with information from the presentation and space for notes.

Are there specialty classes?

Yes! We can customize your class toward real estate agents, bloggers, fashionistas, product photography, and moms.  These classes will cover the basics but will also cover tips and techniques specific to these types of photography.

How do I sign up for a class?

Ready to sign up?  Fill out a registration on the registration page or  Contact Missy with questions!